Live - The Faint in SF: The '80s Revival Is NOW

For the fourth time in just six months, it was time to see Omaha's finest imports on
just two legs, The Faint. As you well know, the band's buzz is increasing
exponentially and I was excited to see how the band would fare at Bimbo's, having just
played the same room three weeks prior. Would they play the same set? Would they
just go through the motions? Judging by the sold out show, I wasn't the only one
interested in checking them out and looking around the room, I could see that the '80s
revival isn't solely limited to the music, but has spread like poison ivy to the fashion end of
the spectrum. Be afraid, be very afraid. Luckily, The Faint and their punked-out
2000s rendition of Soft Cell soon awoke me from the stupor placed on me by
the horrific fashion and mind-numbing opening acts, acts too terrible to name.

To my surprise, the band had completely re-jigged their live set, making it totally
different than last month's Noise Pop gig. Their energy is still top-notch and their
lighting always reminds me of Moulin Rouge for some reason. Very new wave
cabaret in appearance, but hardly in sound. And it is definitely all about the music. Live
faves "Your Retro Career Melted," show closer "Glass Danse," "Worked Up (So
Sexual)" and "Agenda Suicide," the final encore song, still exploded, sending the
assembled throng throbbing and bobbing in ways hipsters just don't usually groove.
Almost everyone is dancing at a Faint show, which says something about the
songs, if you can get the cooler than cool kids to dance. One can only imagine how
many heads they've been spinning on their No Doubt opening dates,

Live - The Faint in SF: The '80s Revival Is NOW