Chicagoís Detachment Kit Are Added To Rock Tour Of A Lifetime

The Windy Cityís latest troop of screaming artists, The Detachment Kit, will bring their frantic, good old-fashioned wild style rock and roll to adoring audiences across the country when they team up with Sparta and Thursday for what is sure to be one of the springís most exciting tours. The Kitís self-produced, 10-track explosion, They Raging Quiet Army, which has become a mainstay in our office CD player, will drop on April 9th via Self-Starter. The band will be performing in Boston that night at Middle East, and if at all possible, I suggest you check it out. I mean hitch hike, call that old ex-girlfriend with the nice car, sell your soul to the devil, whatever it takes ñ it will be worth it.

On Tour With Sparta and Thursday:

04.01.02 - Lawrence, KS (Bottleneck)

04.02.02 - Omaha, NE (Ranch Bowl)

04.03.02 - Des Moines, IA (Hairy Mary's)

04.04.02 - Minneapolis, MN (Ascot Room)

04.05.02 - Chicago, IL (House Of Blues)

04.06.02 - Detroit, MI (St. Andrews Hall)

04.07.02 - Cleveland, OH (Agora Ballroom)

04.09.02 - Boston, MA (Middle East)

04.11.02 - New York, NY (Warsaw)

04.12.02 - Washington, DC (Black Cat)

04.13.02 - Philadelphia, PA (TLA)

04.15.02 - Louisville, KY (Headliners)

04.16.02 - St Louis, MO (Galaxy)

Chicagoís Detachment Kit Are Added To Rock Tour Of A Lifetime