Mullets Unite! Foreigner Reissues In Stores TODAY

YES! FINALLY! Are you endlessly bummed that your vinyl copy of Foreigner's
self-titled debut has too many scratches in it from you bumping the stereo while playing air
guitar? Did rockin' "Waiting For A Girl Like You" everytime you tried to get busy in the
back of your 1978 Pinto cause your Audiovox tape deck to eat your precious copy of
4? Never fear, as Foreigner will be reissuing both of those classic CDs in a
remastered form with bonus tracks! Relive wearing dove shorts and tube socks pulled up to your
knees, showing major thigh as you skate down the street on your plastic board, whistling "Feels Like The First Time," all the while wondering if your mullet has yet
achieved desired plumage. These reissues will take you back to standing against the wall in
your junior high multi-purpose room on a Friday night, feathering your hair with a Goody comb, hoping that
dreamy chick in the lace up Chemin De Fers has been checking out your dope new PCH
Rags and will admire your fist-pumping groove dance that "Juke Box Hero" always brings
out in you. Throw yourself back into the white trash time machine today, as these two
classic Foreigner albums are on the shelves in all their 2002 glory. There is a tour
rumored for this summer, so start growing out your neck warmer ASAP...

Mullets Unite! Foreigner Reissues In Stores TODAY