On Top Of Your World

A band full of chicks from Sweden. Sounds pretty damn good, doesn't it? Now just wait until you hear them. Sahara Hotnights do indeed hail from
Scandanavia and rock like they come from Hell. They are the European Donnas, but cuter (sorry, Drew). Comprised of sisters Jennie
(guitar) and Johanna (bass) Asplund, as well as Maria Andersson on vocals and guitar and Josephine Forsman on drums, they
aren't quite the Donnas, as they trade in a bit of the US quartet's garage sound for a more polished poppy punk slant, more evocative of Elastica
with a splash of Siouxsie Sioux's vocal stylings. With an average age of 20 and a half, a debut album Jennie Bomb just dropped and a
glamourous look that pairs perfectly with their dirty rockin' style, there seems no limit to the acclaim, or better yet, number of music mag covers this lot can

Sahara Hotnights
RCA Sweden

On Top Of Your World