I'll Find You

The UK is full of big-sounding, revved-up guitar acts these days. My Vitriol, Ash, Feeder and now, Hundred Reasons. The
quintet from Surrey has been half-assedly been tossed in with the new wave of emo acts, but that's not necessarily where they belong. Combining aspects of
Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and the aforementioned Feeder, Hundred Reasons' driving guitars and pounding undercurrent
keep you going back for the repeat button on your CD player. Although they won Kerrang Magazine's best New British Band for 2000, they didn't get
signed to Columbia until 2001 and haven't yet dropped their debut album, but with singles like "I'll Find You," as well as the previously released "Remmus" and
"Cerebra," there's no doubt as to why they received Kerrang's accolades and no reason to believe there won't be more where that came from.

Hundred Reasons

I'll Find You