The SMG Take Aim At Corporate Fat-Cats

Steven McDonald, formerly of pop-punk cult faves, Redd Kross, has regrouped with the help of Todd O'Keefe, Mike "Raj" Regilio, Justin "Dusty" Rocherolle, and Kenneth Woods to create the SMG (Steven McDonald Group). The Tripwire received a press release announcing the newly formed bandís live debut (April 13 at the Spaceland in LA) and were so amused by it that we decided to pass the letter on to you in itís entirety. Enjoy.

Brothers and sisters,

This is not a rebellion; this is a mass awakening. The SMG is on the move and preparing for a major offensive involving guerilla warfare and clandestine operations. Our target: your minds. For reasons beyond our control, Rock 'n' Roll has undergone a cataclysmic identity crisis and fallen prey to an international con game, perpetrated by soulless cowards and fat cat opportunist - namely the recording industry slum lords and their irksome shills. As our heroes grew old and tired, cleverly planned ad campaigns were launched by multinational corporations. Disinformation was spread by seditious college students hungry for internships and motivated by greed, white middle-aged DJ's, and A&R men seeking to protect their own interests and padded expense accounts. This kind of jive activity has led us to a place where young boys with baggy clothes, silly voices, and too many strings on their guitars were led in (by their noses) to quell our country's desire for Rock. Sound familiar baby? Clearly, this situation is already a well-worn topic of discussion -- we all know the scenario far too well.

The truth was finally revealed - this was what "the Man" was really looking for all along: test tube rebels, clown make up, dreadlocked rappers, baseball hats, playground thuggery, and white trash aggression. Something easy to categorize and even easier to control -- throw a little money at them and they'd respond -- we were none of those things. Once again, we were forced underground, overseas, into our darkened bedrooms, and toward the avant-garde for our dose of the real thing. This was a blessing in disguise, people. We were tired of hustling on the streets of "Major Label Blvd." and being lied to by high-priced managers who sucked us off till the money dried up. We were strung-out on false hope, spoiled, fat and lazy, complacent, soft, and safe - we had become our parents or something far worse. A few of us realized real Rock 'n' Roll would rarely be tolerated by the industry, but it sure looked good to have a few quality bands on your label or "under your wing." A tax-deductible charitable donation, if you will. We had lost hope.

Then out of the chaos, greed, and bland music something started to happen - computers, experimentation, the all-mighty Napster, MP3's, and CD burners -- that was all it took to get the recording industry nervous again - as they should be. After all, they work for us, not vice-versa. They will cooperate; they will meet our demands or face extreme retribution. They can and will be forced out. We will rebuild the empire once more. The new breed of musical zealots who've been scattered about the earth are finally finding each other, inspiring music, and hope. Rest assured, you are not alone, and you will find us, and we will find you. The New Breed will arise. We have a lot of blank CD's, ideas, and friends -- we have options. The SMG is fully prepared to helm this awakening and will be in contact with you. The record industry is in a completely different business then we are. Let them peddle their second rate, faux rock wares to the empty masses. We will settle for the brave, the talented, and the lonely as our audience. We hear you and we've got what you need.

Viva La Rock!


the SMG perform at Spaceland in LA on April 13th.

The SMG Take Aim At Corporate Fat-Cats