Bowie's Heathen Friends Show Their Faces

As previously reported on, David Bowie's debut album for Columbia will feature a guest appearance from Pete Townshend. But
now, other details of the album are emerging. In addtion to the Who axeman, who will feature on the track "Slow Burn," Bowie will be joined by
Jason Anfinsen's favorite band, Air, for a remix of "A Better Furniture," while vegan technohead/only-good-show-on-MTV presenter, Moby, twiddled the knobs on album opener "Sunday." Also taking some time out from his busy schedule to collaborate with the dual-colored-eye
wonder was Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who laid down some guitar licks for Heathen, which is due hit shelves on June

The tentative Heathen track listing:


Slow Burn

A Better Furniture

I Would Be Your Slave

Marching Wood Jackson

5.15 The Angels Have Gone



Slip Away

Everyone Says


Bowie's Heathen Friends Show Their Faces