Live - Dashboard Confessional: Your Fans, Your Fans Are Everywhere

When you wear your heart on your sleeve you run the risk of someone coming along and ripping it out. Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional has apparently learned this lesson the hard way because he has as much heartache in his short lifetime as Elizabeth Taylor. A sold out Trocadero sang along and wept with Chris as he led his legions of fans, which make the cult of Weezer seem like the cool kids in school, through his tales of love at first sight, breakups and makeups. For the most part, Dashboard is a solo act with the acoustic selections receiving the biggest responses. With tracks from the So Impossible EP and the full length album, The Places That You Have Come to Fear the Most dominating the setlist, the show moved at a slow place with Chris adding his insights on Philadelphia, his fans and excuses why the sound "sucks so bad" tonight. A myriad of monitor and guitar problems plagued the set and often times gave the fans even more opportunity to dictate the pace of the show with their singing.

The actual highlights of the set where when Chrisí guitar went completely out and he was forced to sing as frontman without a guitar to hide behind. Without the guitar you could really tell how emotional he actually is. When someone is as earnest as he appears to be, you donít want to believe it, but seeing him sing without the guitar truly showed how much he believes in what he is saying. Besides the occasional guitar outage, the other highlights were two new songs that showed power and chemistry of the full band. You could tell that during the new songs the focus was on the band, highlighting the other musicians and their talents instead of just adding filler to the acoustic numbers. The new songs featured more melodies and even an occasional guitar solo not played by Chris.

Openers The Anniversary, Seafood and Ben Kweller provided a great mix of emo, britpop-emo and indie rock alternatives for those of us not in the cult of Dashboard. The Anniversary and Seafood delighted and rocked the unappreciative crowd. The Anniversary, a label mate of Dashboard, displayed the most diversity with a variety of guitar melodies mixed with live organs. Young prodigy Ben Kweller displayed his genre-bending capabilities sometimes sounding like Ben Folds and other times like Vanilla Ice - at least during his cover of the classic "Ice, Ice Baby" - and a far-too-short set left people wanting more of the former Radish lead singer. I am not sure what the future holds for Dashboard, depending on the number of relationships Chris gets into, but the future is bright for young Ben Kweller.

Source: Patrick Schmidt (Y100)

Live - Dashboard Confessional: Your Fans, Your Fans Are Everywhere