They Raging Quiet Army

Who is ready for some spastic, frantic, good old fashioned wild style rock and roll? Chicago's latest screaming artists, The Detachment Kit, offer a raw and refreshing taste of manic guitar riffs, vigorous wails, and clever song titles on their latest piece, They Raging Quiet Army. The 10-track explosion excels in dark and moody arrangements, narrated by vocalist Ian Menard, whose southern drawl pokes it's charismatic head throughout the disc. The single, "Never Hear Your Words," combines unchallenged chaos and eerie beauty for one unimaginable song. Fugazi, Les Savy Fav, and maybe Q and Not U or early Dismemberment Plan come to mind. Self produced by The Detachment Kit at Chicago's Electrical Audio studios, They Raging Quiet Army is a blasting alarm call for fake pop stars, and no talent Bizkits, which cries "We're not going to take we're not going to take it...we're not going to take it, anymore."

The Detachment Kit
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They Raging Quiet Army