Is It Broken Doctor

The name Pretty Girls Make Graves comes from a vintage tune by The Smiths, but this quintet ainít no goddamn Smiths! An amalgam of Murder City Devils, Kill Sadie, and The Beehive Vaults members, this posse of bandits quickly came together and recorded nine stunning tracks in their hometown of Seattle with Phil EK (Modest Mouse, Built To Spill) in December of 2001, and will release their first full length offering April 9 on Lookout. Sounding remarkably like Sleater-Kinney at times (ìMore Sweet Soulî proves this point), P.G.M.G. weave in and out of the hardcore, punk, emo, and indie worlds as if genre-jumping were a friendly game of hopscotch. Fronted by the red-hot vocals of Andrea Zollo, the tracks heard on Is It Broken Doctor are explosive, experimental and taking punk rock to an exciting new level.

Pretty Girls Make Graves
Lookout Records

Is It Broken Doctor