Monday Express-Detroit Electronic Festival;Rock Star Runs For Charity

The annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival is back in the mix this year. The free, three-day
event will be held in Hart Plaza in the downtown of Car-production Central from May
25-27. Amongst the heavies expected to drop science and/or beats at the end of May are ex -P-Funk man George Clinton, drum 'n' bass aficionado Roni Size,
hip-hop headz Black Eyed Peas and hometown dance music forefather Juan
Atkins. Other headz performing during the festival are Dave Clarke, DJ Krust, Mad Professor, Dave Angel, Advent and Green Velvet. Over fifty acts will be showcased from noon to midnight those three days, so if you're in the 313, 416 or their 'burbs, go get your groove on.

In further proof that every rock star isn't a self-centered, useless sociopath, it has been
revealed that Radiohead drummer Phil Selway has raised over £18,000
($25,740) so far for the UK charitable organization The Samaritans, through soliciting pledges and completing the London
Marathon. The Samaritans provide hotlines and support for those contemplating suicide. Selway had hoped to raise £4,500, but that figure has obviously been decimated. Fans can pledge money and enter to win one of the drum kits that
Selway banged upon in the making of OK Computer. The
contest/sponsorship runs through April 30, so if you're feeling benevolent, get your sponsor on. It just had
to be Radiohead raising money for charity, didn't it. Just wasn't gonna be
Ratt or Saga, was it?

Monday Express-Detroit Electronic Festival;Rock Star Runs For Charity