"You wake up, you go down, with something in between, daaaay byyyyy daaaay," sings
Serafin frontman Ben Fox Smith on the opening track of his band's debut
EP. Smith, who used to rock with V2/Big Cat UK rock act Stony Sleep has
joined forces with sometime Sleep member Darryn Harkness rock and roll
drummer name #1 Ronnie Growler and ex-(current? does the band even exist any
more?) Catherine Wheel bassist Benjamin Ellis to form the highly
energized Serafin. Signed to Taste Media, the band combine the angular guitar
melodies of Placebo with the driving intensity of label mates Muse and even
sprinkle in some Weezer-esque melodies at times. An auspicious debut, to say the
least, and another band to put on your Must Check Out list...

Taste Media