Ozzy Wants Rubberneckers To Pay Him Or He'll Bite

In a week where the King of the Bat Eaters has already received a star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame, Ozzy Osbourne wants something else: to get PAID. He and his
family, that is. The MTV reality show based on their lives, "The Osbournes" is a bona fide
smash hit for the station, but they don't have the Osbourne family inked for any
further seasons. With the buzz and, theoretically, advertising dollars being raised by the
show, there's no doubt as to why the cable outlet wants to keep the revenue stream a-flowin'.
Problem is, the got they family on the cheap last time (reportedly low seven figures) and will
have to pay through the nose this time, if they plan to keep the breadmaking bunch on their network.
According to Launch.com, Ozzy and company want an upper seven-figure check to
film another year in their wacky, zany lives, along with a piece of the profits generated by the
inside look into the first family of metal. More news as the world turns...

Ozzy Wants Rubberneckers To Pay Him Or He'll Bite