Timo Maas Confirms North American Tour Daates

D¸sseldorf's Timo Maas will hop a flight from Germany to the States this spring to get North Americaís collective ass shaking every which way (but loose). The Maasterís spring tour will launch on May 3 in San Francisco and continue through the first part of June, hitting clubs, lounges and theatres across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Maas will also make a special stop on May 25 to get the annual HFS-tivalís partly started right with an afternoon appearance. Check out the complete itinerary.

Timo Maas Tour Daates

05.03.02 - San Francisco, CA (1015 Folsom w/ Paul DJ)

05.04.02 - Seattle, WA (Showbox 12-2pm w/ Paul DJ)

05.04.02 - Seattle, WA (Naft Studioís 2.30ñ4.30am w/ Paul DJ)

05.05.02 - Portland, OR (Cobalt Lounge w/ Paul DJ)

05.07.02 - Sacramento, CA (The Rage w/ Paul DJ)

05.08.02 - Los Angeles, CA (Mayan Theatre w/ Starecase S)

05.10.02 - Phoenix, AZ (Freedom)

05.11.02 - Mexico City, Mexico (La Terrana)

05.12.02 - Las Vegas, NV (House of Blues)

05.16.02 - Dallas, TX (Red Jacket)

05.17.02 - Atlanta, GA (Eleven 50)

05.18.02 - Miami, FL (Crobar)

05.19.02 - Toronto, CAN (The Koolhause)

05.24.02 - Washington, DC (Buzz w/ Starecase S)

05.25.02 - Washington, DC (HFS-tival, afternoon)

05.25.02 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom w/ Starecase S)

05.26.02 - Hamptons (w/ Paul DJ)

05.29.02 - Minneapolis, MN (Quest)

05.30.02 - Milwaukee, WI (The Rave)

05.31.02 - Chicago, IL (Crobar)

06.01.02 ñ Devner, CO (Vinyl)

06.04.02 ñ Vancouver, BC (Sonar)

06.05.02 ñ Calgary, AB (Shadow)

06.06.02 ñ Quebec City, QC (Dagobert)

06.07.02 ñ Montreal, QC (Sona)

06.08.02 ñ Boston, MA (Avalon)

06.09.02 ñ Boston, MA (WBCN)

Timo Maas Confirms North American Tour Daates