Title TK

The Breeders are back. The twin sister nucleus of Kim and Kelley Deal have teamed up with three new members, producer Steve Albini, and a new philosophy on the recording process to record and release the first new Breeders record since 1993ís The Breeders Last Splash. Kim decided that the new album would use no computers, digital recording, "auto-tuning" or any mainstays of contemporary production, thus giving birth to the "All Wave" philosophy. This philosophy carried through the entire production and mastering process, including mixing, editing, sequencing, and post-production. The result is a glorious lo-fi excursion complete with crunchy guitars, infectious hooks, and heart melting Kim / Kelley vocal harmonies. Title TK has a classic, yet innovative sound brought to light by the simplicity of its production and the pure talent of its creators. Would you expect any less from these modern rock icons?

The Breeders

Title TK