Oasis-Blur Feud Returns To Front Burner

Why is it that in the US, the best rock & roll shit-stirring that can be mustered up is random
Fred Durst versus Creed hate vibes or Nickelback chiming in
weakly against Scott Stapp's bunch of Christian metallers, while in the UK, they talk
REAL SMACK. The brawling Oasis brothers, Liam and Noel
Gallagher, fresh off the news that their comeback single "The Hindu Times," had gone
straight in to the UK charts at #1, are looking to re-ignite their 7-year long feud with
Blur and frontman Damon Albarn, in particular. In an interview with the
NME, Noel, never once to mince words, laid into Gorillaz and their
moonlighting singer. "All that 'I'm happy, feeling glad/got sunshine in a bag...'. That was
beyond comedy. That cunt is like, 'Is there a bandwagon passing? Park it outside my
house.'" He didn't stop there, however, continuing with, "He'll be in a heavy metal band next
year when it's fashionable. He's nothing. And it's fitting that he ended up as a cartoon. He
always was a cartoon." Noel had even more wood to throw on the fire when he
added, "The thing that still pisses me off to this day," he said, "is that cuntfuck said we
engineered the battle with his bunch of wankers (Blur). Oasis don't need to
compete with a bunch of cunts who did A-Level music." I wish sometime The
Gallaghers would take off the kid gloves as say what they REALLY feel.

Oasis-Blur Feud Returns To Front Burner