Live - Saves The Day Make Many Emo Kids' Night

OK. I'm old. I rolled out to the Saves The Day, Pretty Girls Make
Graves and Audio Learning Center gig at Slim's in San Francisco last night
and everyone looked about 17. Except then I noticed that half of them were drinking beer.
That SUCKED. The first band on was Audio Learning Center. Theoretically. I was too
busy snacking to get to the venue on time. NEXT: Jason Anfinsen's love
children, Pretty Girls Make Graves. Didn't work for me. Not a tune to be found
in the lot of them and atonal vocals like Magnapop at their worst. Am I too old?
Maybe. More likely, too few hooks involved. Pretty girls may make graves, but shouty girls
make me bored.

The main event, however, were the quintet from New Jersey and they made The Kids very
happy. The Kids seem to like Saves The Day. A lot. They sang all the words,
crowd surfed and jumped around like happy little emo-kids the entire time. The Day
Savers worked through much of their breakthrough Vagrant release, Stay What
You Are
, rocking their way through "Certain Tragedy," "As Your Ghost Takes
Flight," and "Cars & Calories," amongst others. The girls in the audience cooed every
time AFI-beshirted and worringly '70s-coiffed frontman Chris Conley
got to the edge of the stage, or did much of anything, really. Then, when radio and MTV
hit "At Your Funeral" dropped, The Kids went APESHIT. They sang the song louder
than Chris, jumped around like loonies and generally acted like huge fans. It was
glorious. Conley apologized that the band could only play two more numbers, as
Hey Mercedes' drummer, who is filling in on this tour, had just learned a finite number of songs, but at that point, the
band could do no wrong. Didn't hurt matters that they were about 3484 times tighter than
when I caught them last fall. So, save for feeling old and Conley's center-parted
Dazed & Confused 'do, the night was a rousing success.

Live - Saves The Day Make Many Emo Kids' Night