The Hindu Times

Why is it that the new Cornershop songs sounds musically like Oasis,
while the new Oasis sounds musically like Cornershop? The battling
Gallagher brothers have returned to the fray with their first new release since 2000's
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. "The Hindu Times," is a rollicking rockin' good
time, with, as the name suggests, and Indian-flavor to the guitar melody. It's a typical
sing-a-long jam, exactly what the band are known for, and good enough to enter the UK
charts at #1. With a bullet, of course. The b-sides don't stand up to usual Oasis
quality, but they are still better than 98% of released b-sides, "Just Getting Older" being the
better of the two in all its "Hey Jude"-esque glory. They may be "Getting Older," but they
still have the knack for writing a tune or six...

Big Brother/Epic

The Hindu Times