Can You Smell What The WWF Is Cooking?

Everyone knows that professional wrestling is anything but fake and so the music found on the new WWF Tough Enough 2 soundtrack follows suit. The heavy-hitting compilation features pile driving new music from Weezer (îOh Lisa") and a bone-shattering new move from Queens of the Stone Age ("Millionaire"). reports that the fourteen-track disc will be released on May 14th, and will also feature drop kicking numbers from Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, Puddle of Mudd and others. Interscope Records will release the album, and word around the campfire is that an unidentified promotion guru from the label (Robbie Lloyd) will go up against Stone Cold Steve Austin in an ultimate ìto the deathî match on Halloween. More details to come.

WWF Tough Enough 2 track listing:

Cold -"Gone Away"

Limp Bizkit - "Crushed Limp"

Trust Company - "Falling Apart"

Puddle of Mudd - "Control"

Weezer - "Oh Lisa"

Queens of the Stone Age - "Millionaire"

Unwritten Law - "Seein' Red"

Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch (Remix)"

Cinder - "Break Your Silence"

Marz - "Out the Cage"

Sinisstar - "Freak of Nature"

Injected - "Faithless"

Rob Zombie - "Feel So Numb"

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Can You Smell What The WWF Is Cooking?