Girls Get Busy

Girls Gone Wild move over. Girls Get Busy is the second album from Bratmobile, a three-piece from Berkley who scream and shout about everything from boys, to hating what boys do, to partying. The Brats still adhere to the fast, fun, and catchy formula found on their debut, Ladies, Women, and Girls, but they have taken their game to a new level and sound, which has ìbreakthroughî written all over it. Check yourself MTV2. ìUnited We Donítî and ìShop For Americaî touch on the post 9/11 America while ìWhatís Wrong With Youî kicks the fellas in the face, telling them to get wit tha program (snap snap). My personal favorite track ìCryiní Tryiní Lyiníî has much more of a somber vibe to it, and smells like a shitty break up has unfortunately taken place. This disc emits an extremely sexy sound of new wave guitar licks and a refreshing taste of keyboards that put Bratmobile on the forefront of new wave punk rock. The Go-Goís, Sleater-Kinney, and The Donnas all come to mind, as the band's love for Brit-pop shines in front of that jangly and dirty guitar sound heard on The Hives or International Noise Conspiracy records of late. Girls Get Busy is an upbeat and addictive triumph for Bratmobile that will act as a handbook for riot girls of the future to follow.

Lookout Records

Girls Get Busy