You Held The World In Your Arms

Wow. This song, as we say in the "industry," is a jiggity jam. What industry is that, you
may ask? Evidently, the "Speaking Like A Jackass" industry, but you get the picture. One
of Scotland's pre-eminent indie rock acts, Idlewild, return with their first new
material in over a year, and it sounds as if they haven't missed a beat. "You Held The World
In Your Arms" is brilliant, an incendiary pop gem and one not likely to leave your head once
you've heard it. It's a ride on a roller coaster or a run down the double black diamond course
in a tuck, an adrenaline-fuelled jump-around masterpiece that leaves you spent and reaching
for the repeat button. So you hit it. Again and again, because that's the kind of addictive
personality you have.


You Held The World In Your Arms