Tuesday Express-Pixies Rarities Uncovered; Over-budget Suede Return

Boston punky noisenik trendsetters The Pixies are set to release a CD of music
from their archives. Gotta be from somewhere, since they aren't a band anymore, right?
The tracks are all culled from the recording sessions that produced the album that put the
Beantown quartet on the map, Come On Pilgrim. According to Billboard
spinART will drop the 9-track unearthed nugget on July 9 and indie peeps everywhere
will rejoice in the glorious racket.

The Pixies partial track listing:

Down To The Well

I'm Amazed

Roc a My Soul

Build High

Broken Face

In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song

Break My Body

Here Comes Your Man (demo)

Suede, the britpop stalwarts and unfortunate victims of a US name change have
FINALLY completed their fifth studio album, entitled A New Morning. Rumors
have it as costing upwards of £1 million, not to mention the fact that the
Bowie-influenced bunch went through four producers, including Beck
knob-twister and ex-band member Tony Hoffer before finally settling on
ex-Morrissey and Blur recording man Stephen Street.
Evidently, they also trashed a full record's worth of tracks, not to mention keyboard
player Neil Codling. The album drops in the UK in September, but no word on
any potential US release, but if there is, you'll know where to look for it...

Tuesday Express-Pixies Rarities Uncovered; Over-budget Suede Return