Thursday Express - Feeder Recording Again; Chems Desire To Produce

Brit-rock protagonists Feeder (can someone please tell me why this band hasn't
broken in the States yet?) are slowly working their way back into playing shape, following
the shocking suicide death of drummer Jon Lee on January 7. The band, who have
not yet named a permanent replacement for their fallen brother, have been working with
ex-Skunk Anansie skins banger Mark Richardson. Frontman and head
David Beckham look-alike Grant Nicolas has stated that the next album will
be Feeder-like, yet darker, which is hardly unexpected news, given the gravity of the
events of the past year for the band. Nothing is yet completed, but a number of songs are in
the works and planned to be laid down at the studio later this year

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, a.k.a. The Chemical Brothers have
stated their desire to follow in the footsteps of other dance giants and start producing
albums. The band, fresh off their headlining stint at the first night of last weekend's
Coachella Festival, say they haven't found the right project as of yet, but are very interested in
turning the knobs on someone else's record. Sounds like a plan for the next
Charlatans album, given the bands' history with each other. The Chems are
also in the midst of recording a new single, which will be unleashed on the European market
just in time for the yearly pilgrimage to Ibiza, thereby ensuring huge sales upon the travelers'
return. Sneaky kids, those Brothers.

Thursday Express - Feeder Recording Again; Chems Desire To Produce