The People

While the majority of bands on the tastemakers' tongues these days are looking back to the
late '70s for inspiration, The Music's eyesight isn't that strong; they settled on the
late '80s/early '90s instead, seeing as they weren't even alive in the late '70s. Sounding
similar to the groundbreaking Stone Roses, this bunch of teenagers from Leeds,
England, harkens back to the halcyon days of the "baggy" musical movement when the acid
house culture first cross-pollenated with rock & roll. Punctuated by the swirling, repetitve
guitar loops, groovy bass lines and trademark shuffling drumbeats and made so popular by
acts like the Roses or the Charlatans, The Music evoke the sound of
those heady days. Now their guitarist needs to provide Jackson Pollock-inspired
cover art and we'll have come full circle.

The Music

The People