Live - Vines Bear Fruit in San Francisco

Australia's finest export (not counting shiraz or kangaroos) The Vines made their
Northern California debut last night at Slim's in San Francisco. The band, who had played
recent gigs at the Coachella Festival, as well as shows in L.A. and San Diego, rolled into
town with one thing on their mind: to rock SF, Aussie style. And, believe you me, rock they
did. Surpassing their energy and passion emitted at Coachella, the quartet rocked through
the majority of their debut CD, Highly Evolved, which drops July 16, thanks to our
friends at Capitol Records and Tapes. Standout tracks include the title track and first UK
single, the premiere US single "Get Free" (in all its Nirvana-esque glory) and encore
number "In The Jungle." Their performance was superior to their Indio festival gig of just a
week prior and if the Best Australian Band, 2002 (TM) continues to improve at this
exponential rate, come this fall they will be a SERIOUS force to be reckoned with.

Live - Vines Bear Fruit in San Francisco