Live - Lords of The Promise Ring

Once I walked in the door, I knew I was in the right place. The abundance of unkempt,
mussed and fluffy hairdos, hoodies, jean jackets and special hoodie/jean jacket combos
meant only one thing: I was at an indie rock show. And not just any indie rock show, but a
Promise Ring show. The Milwaukee quintet had taken their traveling circus on the
road and parked their wagons in front of Slim's in San Francisco this Monday evening. The
band looked exactly like I'd expected: like a batch of teacher's assistants, ready to teach that
day's class. So they instructed us in the ways of indie rock. Frontman Davey von
Bohlen/Scott Hamilton/Paul Schaffer and his many self-depricating
comments reminded us all that we were at an emo show. Davey, who is perhaps
getting better known for his guest vocal appearance on "A Praise Chorus" off Jimmy Eat
World's 2001 self-titled barn burner, led his indie/emo/roots rock posse through a
number of their better known tracks, including the most recent single "Stop Playing Guitar"
off the recently released Wood/Water, as well as past jams "Happiness Is All The
Rage" and "The Deep South." Davey endeared himself to the zip-up hoodie crowd
with such comments as "you'll like this, it was from a 7-inch," and fellow Bay Area indie
rockers Matt Skiba, frontman of The Alkaline Trio, and ex-Crumb
guitarist Mark Weinberg nodded their heads in approval. At that point, someone in
the crowd yelled "take it off," and in my heavy-lidded state, I believed it was a command from
above to take off, so I did...

Live - Lords of The Promise Ring