Music on Plastic

Wayne is a four-man troop from the Southern US whose multi-layered, lyric-based songs, are more reminiscent of Coldplay and Travis than the expected twangy "Southern rock." Frontman Rodney Reaves, who wrote every song on the 13-track album, is a brilliant songwriter whose accessible yet hypnotic lyrics are the foundation for the bandís sound. Solid harmonies, chiming guitars and a strong, melodic rhythm section, together with the guidance of producer/engineer Jason Elgin (Collective Soul), build on that foundation to create Music on Plastic. The members of Wayne also know their way around the recording studio better than most musicians out there. They actually built their favorite hangout, Syncromesh Studios, from scratch - hammers, nails and all. At least these guys will have something solid to fall back on should this rock & roll thing not work out; though with such a strong debut, I donít see that happening anytime soon.


Music on Plastic