Public Enemy "Give(s) The Peeps What They Need"

Hip-hop trailblazers Public Enemy are back in the mix and are set to release their
eighth studio album, Revolverlution, which will drop July 23 on SlamJamz/In The
Paint. The political beat-and-rhyme matchers haven't lost their inner fire in their older age, as
fellow activist Paris will feature on the album's first single, "Give The Peeps What
They Need." states the New York rappers' record will be an amalgamation of
new material and live tracks ("Fight The Power," "Miuzi Weighs A Ton" and "Welcome To
The Terrordrome") and will also feature fan remixes, chosen online. Chuck D's
infatuation with the internet doesn't stop there, as there will be non-album tracks available for
download at the SlamJamz site, as well. One eye on the past and another on the future. Atta

Public Enemy "Give(s) The Peeps What They Need"