Silverchair Return With Bad Case of Diorama

Australiaís 1995 teenage answer to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Silverchair, will attempt to re-enter the US spotlight with a new album. Entitled Diorama, the album, which has already been certified platinum down under (70,000 units), will hit US shores courtesy of a new deal with Atlantic. According to MTV, "The Greatest View" will be the first single and is expected to impact radio later this month. Silverchair will promote Diorama with a couple of NYC shows in early June, though dates have yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, frontman Daniel Johns will continue to date Natalie Imbruglia and make the entire male population jealous.

Diorama Track list:

"Across the Night"

"The Greatest View"

"Without You"

"World Upon Your Shoulders"

"One Way Mule"

"Tuna in the Brine"

"Too Much of Not Enough"

"Luv Your Life"

"The Lever"

"My Favourite Thing"

"After All These Years"

Silverchair Return With Bad Case of Diorama