Gahan's Just Can't Get Enough of Going Solo

New wave heart throb David Gahan is readying his first solo album after 20 years of
recording. The Depeche Mode frontman is pursuing this dream starting in July, when he
plans on entering the studio to lay down the vocal tracks for this groundbreaking album. Already
on board for the project are guitarist/cellist Knox Chandler of Psychedelic Furs and
Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sigur RÛs percussion type guy Ken
Thomas. In an interview with, Gahan revealed that the majority of his lyrical
inspiration came from kicking the smack habit that plagued him a few years back: "I'm just really
full of energy, and getting healthy is a theme that has crept into my lyrics and vocal melodies."
Gahan may even rock some club dates at the end of the year, but seeing as he hasn't even
recorded his album yet, this is all highly speculative, isn't it?

Gahan's Just Can't Get Enough of Going Solo