When Do We Start Fighting...

Combining the angular, dissonant guitar attack of, say, Sonic Youth with driving percussion, London's Seafood burst onto the US scene
with When Do We Start Fighting.... You may recognize the name, as the quartet have featured on two previous Cornerstone Players, with
"Western Battle" appearing on Player #27 and more recently, Player #32 rocking "Cloaking." These are two of the standout tracks on their sophomore
album, but the quality doesn't end there. The Pixies and Sonic Youth influences continue on "Pleasurehead" and "Splinter" with UK flair
added for good measure. The band isn't afraid to bring it down a notch, either, and can write a fairly decent downtempo song, as is evidenced in the
melancholic, very US-indie flavored "In This Light Will You Fight Me?" or the mid-tempo "What May Be The Oldest," which features ex-Madder
Rose chanteuse Mary Lorson on backing vocals. Fitting that a there is that US indie contribution to When Do We Start Fighting...,
as all the signs point to Seafood originating in the States, but there is definitely an English slant to their melodic, yet noisy, musical assault.


When Do We Start Fighting...