Live ñ Belle And Sebastian Pass The Vote At The Congress In Chicago

I traveled to the hoody hood hood in the pouring rain on Saturday night to engage in the greatest export from Scotland since the movie Trainspotting, Belle and Sebastian. I walked in just as the first song of evening came to a close and immediately felt insecure and out of place for not wearing corduroy pants and chain smoking like a fiend, but I managed. Singer Stuart Murdoch (reminiscent of Robert Smith on The Cure tour of 1997) greeted the sold out Chicago faithful in a Cubs hat and jersey. Complete with violins, horns, and keys, the dozen-plus musicians elegantly glided through their catalog from 1996ís If Youíre Feeling Sinister, to the unreleased Storytelling which debuts on June 4.

I was super excited to hear ìLike Dylan In The Movies,î which is probably my favorite song ever. Other memorable numbers included ìThe State I Am In,î ìJonathan David,î ìBoy With The Arab Strap,î as well as an upbeat Spanish track from Storytelling, which required the audience to clap for the duration of the song. Singer Stuart Murdoch transcends an angelic quality like Morrissey or Michael Stipe, with his immaculate voice and stage presence, he genuinely touches the people that experience his music. Someone yelled out "Where's Isobel?." referring to the gorgeous voice who can be heard on various B&S records, and the brainchild of The Gentle Waves. "She went home sick," said Stuart, and that was that.

During the middle of the folky good time set, Murdoch asked if a man named Colin was in the audience. The young man climbed up on stage and without hesitating, proposed to his girlfriend. After about 10 minutes of thunderous applause from the smoke filled room, Murdoch announced that she said yes, and serenaded the two love birds as they sat on stage. If I had feelings, I might have been moved, but I am a cyborg.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live ñ Belle And Sebastian Pass The Vote At The Congress In Chicago