Albarnís Mali Music Coming To America

Blur frontman and Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn will bring his Mali, West African-influenced album, Mali Music, to US shores this summer. The album, which was recorded after a trip to Mali where the star performed and exchanged musical ideas with street musicians, will be available on July 30 through Honest Jonís/Astralwerks. According to, Albarn will donate his royalties from the sale of Mali Music to the Oxfam Charity, whose On the Line Project explores and celebrates the lives of people living along the zero meridian line. Thanks for the world music lesson Damon, but when the hell can we get our hands on the new Blur album?

Mali Music track listing:


"Bamako City"

"Le Relax"

"Nabintou DiakitÈ"


"The Djembe"

"Tennessee Hotel"


"4am at Toumani's"

"Institut National des Arts"

"Kela Village"

"Griot Village"

"Le Hogon"

"Sunset Coming On"

"Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia on River"

"Les Ecrocs"

Albarnís Mali Music Coming To America