Empty At The End

What is in the water in England? What is up with the preponderance of excellent brother acts?
First the Kinks, then Oasis, and now Electric Soft
Parade. Originally monikered simply Soft Parade, until some Doors
tribute bunch of jokers from the States threatened legal action over the name,
singer/guitarist Alex, 19, and drummer/main songsmith Tom, an entire 17, have
managed to write one of the most amazing albums of 2002. The first bit
of aural ecstasy from their spine-tingling debut, Holes In The Wall, is "Empty At The
End." Incorporating influences from everything from The
Beatles to The Stone Roses to Ash to the Boo Radleys, the boys
write timeless rock songs, with just enough modernism and dynamics to keep it fresh.
Write this down: Electric Soft Parade. You'll be writing it down again in December
when assembling your top 10 albums of the year, too.

Electric Soft Parade
db Records

Empty At The End