Shouldn't Let The Side Down

The preponderance of garage acts coming to the forefront in the wake of the successes of
The Strokes, White Stripes and The Hives should be no surprise.
However, not all of these acts should be written off as opportunistic chancers. There are some
quality bands out there rockin' it garage-style, such as Ikara Colt (Player #32) and this
lot, Hoggboy, who have already secured opening dates for The Strokes and
'Stripes. Formed early last year in Sheffield, England, this four-piece brings the scuzzy
rock but mixes in melody and atypical rhythms, setting them apart from faceless garage rock
drones. "Shouldn't Let The Side Down" is a noisy, guitar gem, with a vocal quality somewhat
reminiscent of vastly underrated early-'90s act Adorable, but with a far dirtier guitar
sound. They look like the Sex Pistols from 2002, have a band motto of "We smoke.
We drink. We rock," and with the World Cup just two weeks away, their song could become a
national anthem, should the English side progress.

Sobriety Records

Shouldn't Let The Side Down