Strokes Ready Video, Release New CD Single

Everyone's favorite '70s revivalists, The Strokes, have returned to the Big Apple after
spending time in Tinseltown making a video for their second single, "Hard To Explain," now
being heard on radio stations all across the land. The CD single for the song is currently
available at indie shops and chain stores alike, and it features the exclusive-in-the-US "New York
City Cops," which was included on the import versions of their debut, Is This It, but was
pulled from the US issue, due to the events surrounding 9/11. Also on the CD single are two
tracks recorded for KCRW sessions, "Trying Your Luck" and "Take It or Leave It." The pretty
boy foundation is also set to appear on Conan O'Brien on May 17 before heading out
on the road for their summer radio festival rounds, including stops in Washington, D.C., New
York City, Boston, San Francisco, and, rumors have it, areas south of San Francisco, perhaps?

Strokes Ready Video, Release New CD Single