At The Movies: About A Boy VIP Screening Review

On the heels of the overwhelmingly successful Tribeca Film Festival,
Cornerstone Promotion, in association with Reebok and Lucky Brand Dungarees,
officially kicked off its VIP Film Series at the Tribeca Grand Hotel last
night. Tastemakers gathered for a private screening of Universal Pictures' About A Boy, produced by the TFF organizer's Robert De Niro and Jane

The film, which is actually about two boys -- a 38-year old playboy played
by the always-charming Hugh Grant and a 12-year old schoolboy played by newcomer Nicholas Hoult -- is a spot on adaptation of Nick Horby's novel of the same title. Grant's Will hatches a plan to pick-up single moms by
inventing an imaginary son and joining a single parents group called SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together.) During a SPAT picnic, Will meets 12-year
old Marcus (Hoult), whose problems at school are only compounded bye his mother (Toni Collette). Will and Marcus become the most unlikely of friends as Will teaches Marcus how to be cool and Marcus teaches Will to finally grow up. Directed by the Weitz brothers (Paul and Chris), famous for their pastry-sodomizing teen comedy American
this is a poignant film with incredible wit and a masterful soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy.

The CSP film series will play host to a cross section of music,
entertainment, media, fashion and sports A-listers - like a hipster 'film of
the month' club. Last night's attendees included Little Big Man's Marty Diamond, Vivianlives creator Sherrie Krantz, Interscope's David Saslow,
MTV's Ocean MacAdams, New York socialite Ryan Schinman, oh, and, Monica
Lewinsky. Upcoming Cornerstone VIP Screenings include Signs and
24-Hour Party People.

Source: Sven Evans

At The Movies: About A Boy VIP Screening Review