Oh No! Not More Sh*t From The Osbournes?

That's right folks, Americaís beloved potty-mouthed rock & roll family, The Osbournes, will release The Osbourne Family Album on June 11. Ozzy (on video from Europe) and the rest of the clan held a press conference on Wednesday, May 15, in NYCís Sony Studios to announce the release. According to MTV, the 16-track album features hand-picked tracks from the family, including Kelly Osbourneís cover of "Papa Donít Preach" and Ozzyís versions of "Mama, Iím Coming Home," "Crazy Train," and "Dreamer." Ozzyís neighbor on the Hollywood walk of fame, Pat Boone, even makes an appearance with a cover "Crazy Train." Osbourne CDs, books, TV shows ñ whatís next? ñ Osbourne underwear, vacuum cleaners, and one hitters? Hey wait, has anyone seen Ozzy talking with Gene Simmons lately?

The Osbourne Family Album Track List:

Pat Boone ñ "Crazy Train"

Ozzy Osbourne ñ "Dreamer"

Kelly Osbourne ñ "Papa Don't Preach"

The Kinks ñ "You Really Got Me"

System Of A Down ñ "Snowblind"

John Lennon ñ "Imagine"

The Cars ñ "Drive"

Starsailor ñ "Good Souls"

Dillusion ñ "Mirror Image"

Eric Clapton ñ "Wonderful Tonight"

Ozzy Osbourne ñ "Mama, I'm Coming Home"

Ozzy Osbourne ñ "Crazy Train"

Chevelle ñ "Family System"

Oh No! Not More Sh*t From The Osbournes?