Tricked By Cleverness

I was first turned on to the Warren Commission by KTEGís favorite music director/specialty show host Adam 12, who, after hearing of my affection for San Franciscoís Mates of State, spread the boy-girl harmony love my way. Heralding from Western Massachusetts, the Warren Commission is the quintessential indie rock band. In their short history, the band has gone through three drummers (none of which are currently on board), recorded music for a 7" and a compilation that both never happened, and did all the artwork for both TWC releases themselves. They wear old clothes and need haircuts, but more importantly, they make really interesting music. The bandís pair of vocalists satisfy my aforementioned taste for fun boy-girl harmonies on the first track, "Thank You; One Million Dollars!," but find themselves leaning heavily upon the female vocalist on the majority of the album. Thankfully, that female vocalist, Sarah Dudek, has a knack for phrasing and a coy, sweetly rock ëní roll sound that holds the album together. "Automated Lies," is Tricked By Clevernessí most radio-ready undertaking, with catchy melodies and dueling guitars going from tight, rapid fire explosions to free form, ethereal confusion and back again in a matter of seconds. Other notable album achievements include the short but sweet "Minute Murder," the drum machine backed, acoustically driven "Very Nothing," and the upbeat, lengthily titled "Finding Hearts; Hot Glued and Stitched Between." All in all, Tricked By Cleverness is an entertaining album that has managed to hold its position in my CD changer for two weeks and counting (average: 3-5 days). Thanks for the heads up, 12.

The Warren Commission
ESPO Records

Tricked By Cleverness