Live - Sense Field Enliven San Jose

LA's Sense Field were in town Thursday night, but prior engagements caused me to miss that
show. Never mind, the band were playing a Friday night gig in scenic San Jose, so I decided to trek
down to the Silicon Valley to check out the band who recorded one of my fave albums of 2001,
Tonight and Forever. I made the mistake of arriving too early and having to endure opening
act Picnic and their vanilla college rock. Marc Copely was up next and he
was OK, even if he did have a sleeveless shirt and a band member who looked like Kenny

The boys from the Southland hit the stage at about 11:30 and immediately set out to wow the crowd
with their hooky emo-pop. Much of last year's excellent album was on display, highlights including
"Fun Never Ends," "Beatles Song," "No Longer Now," "Here Right Here," and "What Never Dies."
"Save Yourself" has become a hit on the local alternative station, so they rightfully saved that for the
tail-end of gig. San Jose is a weird place. The crowd looked exactly like a crowd on a TV show,
when characters go to a "concert." Very collegiate, with a few hessians and yo kids thrown in for
good measure. So it was definitely a sight to behold to see the meatheads, the sorority girls and the
computer programmers all singing along and pumping their arms to the hit single. Amusing indeed.
Regardless, the band was amazingly tight for being a man short, as second guitarist Rodney
Sellars had left the tour a few days prior, due to a family emergency. He asked that the band
continue on in his stead, and let me tell you this, Mr. Sellars: your boys did you proud.

Live - Sense Field Enliven San Jose