Live - The Promise Ring Fill Chicago's Empty Bottle

The Promise Ring forced a supercharged set on to the packed house at the smoke-filled Empty Bottle in Chicago as a late night treat Friday night. Since singer Davey von Bohlenís brain surgery last year, I havenít really seen the charismatic front man (who sings on his new record ìin my second life, I wouldnít become a singer") dance around and have fun on stage. That all changed at the Bottle, as the quintet ripped through their melancholy new album Wood/Water, which on wax sounds like enjoying a glass of chardonnay while resting on a plush velvet couch, but when plugged in the tunes posessed a gigantic and amazing sound.

The Ring played the majority of their new album consisting of ìSize Of Your Life,î the romantically looped ìWake Up April,î the commercial specialty smash ìStop Playing Guitar,î ìGet On The Floor,î and ìMy Life Is At Homeî (which the band previewed during their shows before the record came out). ìSuffer Neverî (the song that resembles The Flaming Lips) was by far the best sounding song of the set, thanks to Dan Didierís thunderous drums. The Promise Ring will play ìBecome One Anything One Timeî this Friday night, May 24, on Late Night with Conan OíBrien.

Old favorites included ìDeep South,î ìNothing Feels Good,î ìWhy Did Ever We Meet,î ìScenes From Parisian Life,î ìTell Everyone Weíre Dead,î ìEmergency! Emergency!,î ìHappiness Is All The Rage,î and ìRed & Blue Jeans.î

The Promise Ring will continue their headlining tour through May, before heading off to open dates for pals Jimmy Eat World in Europe and then back in the US. Experience the new Wood / Water majesty at your earliest leisure, you will not be disappointed.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - The Promise Ring Fill Chicago's Empty Bottle