REM Get r.e.m.IXed Online

Proving that an air-rage trial can't keep a good band down, Athens, Georgia's own REM have
greeted the 21st century with aplomb and have released an internet-only remix album. The album,
wittily enough entitled r.e.m.IX, is a 10-track reworking of last year's Reveal material.
According to, among the featured remixers are Matthew Herbert,
Bilal-collaborator Dahroud Darien, Marc Bianchi of San Francisco's Her
Space Holiday and Now It's Overhead's Andy LeMaster. The record is available
for download at REM's webiste,, and the band has even been kind enough to
include artwork. Hoorah for technology. Or something.

The r.e.m.IX track listing in full:

"The Lifting," Now It's Overhead Mix by Andy LeMaster

"The Lifting," Knobody/Dahoud Darien for 12 Nations

"I'll Take the Rain," Jamie Candiloro

"She Just Wants to Be," Jamie Candiloro

"I've Been High," Matthew "Intended" Herbert

"I've Been High," Knobody/Dahoud Darien for 12 Nations

"I've Been High," Chef

"I've Been High," Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi

"Beachball," Chef

"Summer Turns to High," Her Space Holiday/Marc Bianchi

REM Get r.e.m.IXed Online