Third Eye Blind Feature "Misfits" on Crystal Baller

San Francisco yuppie-soundtrack purveyors Third Eye Blind seem to be trying to reacquire
that difficult 18-24 demo and have asked a few music industry buddies for some help. The quartet,
who have recorded over 25 songs for their third record, entitled Crystal Baller, have enlisted
Limp Bizkit mastermind Fred Durst, Moldy Peaches' singer/head bunny
Kimya Dawson and '80s metal throwback Andrew W.K. Durst wrote part
of the music for the fittingly titled "Misfits," as well as lending his vocal, uh, talents, to the track. The song is
not believed to sound like either band, which, who knows, may be a blessing in disguise.

Dawson's contribution is on "Self Righteous," which sounds a fitting name for a song
involving either 3EB or the art-wank racket that is Moldy Peaches. Finally, the
Bon Jovi-roadie-by-numbers Andrew W.K. was approached by the band after they
saw him perform prior to the release of his debut album. According to, they were so
impressed and perplexed that he was asked to show up at their studio the next day, where he admitted
to learning many Third Eye Blind songs on piano. After this nauseating love-fest, the Party
Hulk laid down backing vocals on "Messed Up Kid." Even I know to leave that one well enough

Third Eye Blind Feature "Misfits" on Crystal Baller