Live - Radio 4 Transmit Ear Blasting Signals At Chicago's Metro

Holy shit, was that a sight for sore eyes! Radio 4, the dance-o-riffic quintet from the Big Apple, blew the lid off of the Metro Friday night in Chicago, forcing fans to dance and shake what their mommas gave them. Dressed in all black for the most part, Radio 4 blasted through choice cuts from their heart stopping sophomore album Gotham!, which has been electrifying college radio charts. ìSave Our City,î ìOur Town,î ìStart A Fire,î ìEyes Wide Open,î and ìStruggleî were some of the favorites that I recognized from Gotham!, which was produced by the DFA (Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy who worked with UNKLE, Trans Am, Primal Scream, Zero Zero, BS 2000).

Radio 4 were dripping with non-stop energy throughout the vibrant set. They truly showed passion for each song they bestowed onto the audience, which I felt heightened the performance, as opposed to someone like The Rolling Stones who at this point are just in it for the bucks and fucks.

Tommy Williams' guitar licks felt like being lashed with a cat of nine tails drenched in sonic ooze, as each strum of the chords pulsated from the amp, through the speaker, in and out of our bodies, nearly sending everyone in the room into comas. P.J. OíConner stood while adding a additional percussion to the tightly wrapped set, which I was hoping would never end. Singer/bass player Anthony Roman (who fans might remember from Garden Variety) offered less talk and more rock for the audience, as each song the crew belted out felt like another workout in a sardine packed gym of fatties trying to dance off the pounds.

Since their inception in 1999, New York Cityís Radio 4 have taken their love for the late '70s/early '80s post punk and translated it for a new generation of kids who love the fusion of keyboard-influenced dance-all-night rock sounds that explode the ear drums of any citizen willing to listen. Gotham! is available on the Gern Blandsten label, along with the band's first effort The New Song and Dance and the EP Dance to the Underground.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Radio 4 Transmit Ear Blasting Signals At Chicago's Metro