DJ Spooky Produces A Modern Mantra

The leader of New York City's Illbient scene, DJ Spooky, has readied his third full length and
is prepared to drop it to the beat head masses today. The album, entitled Modern Mantra,
follows in the Spooky, a.k.a. Paul Miller, cut and paste pattern and features bits and
pieces of tracks by Moby, DJ Krush, Cujo (an Amon Tobin side
project), and Meat Beat Manifesto main man, Jack Dangers. As is evident by just
this partial listing, the album is an amalgamation of electronic styles, including ambient, drum 'n' bass,
breakbeat and more. That Subliminal Kid himself described the eclectic album to as
"a kind of digital jazz mixed with rugged beats," and you can check it yourselves, as it is on the
shelves today via Shadow.

The Modern Mantra track listing in full:

Russell Mills & Sussan Deyhim - "Heaven Dips"

Sharpshooters - "Lifted"

DJ Krush - "On the Dub-ble"

Goo (a.k.a. Le Gooster) - "Double Trouble"

Sharpshooters - "Analyze"

Fugitive Elf - "Cargo"

Sweet Melody - "Sneakster"

Saru - "Posterity"

DJ Cam - "Gangsta Shit/Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens"

Blend - "All That Dub"

Aesop Rock - "Skip Town"

Aesop Rock - "Dinner With Blockhead"

Jack Dangers - "Zxero"

Hanna - "Dark Plot"

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - "Tobira - 2"

Cujo - "The Traffic/Sighting"

Quentin's Ladder - "Personal"

Illform - "Combustion Chamber"

Tranquility Base - "Omicron"

Nostramus - "Babel"

Quentin's Ladder - "Double Dragon"

Goo (a.k.a. Le Gooster) - "The OG"

Droid - "Alpha"

Spaceways - "Requiem for Ra"

Shinju Gumi - "Spyworm"

Russell Mills & The Edge - "Stone's Eggs"

Prototype 909 - "Understand"

Terre Thaemlitz- "Elevatorium"

Moby - "Myopia"

DJ Spooky Produces A Modern Mantra