Downloads Get Eminem Bent Out of Shape

In news that seems to go against the very fiber of his being, Eminem has threatened personal
harm against those that uploaded his new and still unreleased album onto the Internet. His threat to
"beat the shit" out of the perpetrators comes on the heels of the announcement that Interscope will
move the street date of his third album up a few weeks, due to the proliferation of copies of the album
available for download on various Internet sites. In an interview with NME, Detroit's finest
citizen exclaimed "I think that shit is fucking bullshit. Whoever put my shit on the Internet, I want to
meet that motherfucker and beat the shit out of him. I think that anybody who tries to make excuses
for that this is a fucking bitch." It's amazing that someone with connections to Dr. Dre would
come out with anti-downloading rhetoric! The Eminem Show is out next week, May 28, so
you can decide for yourselves if all the fervor is warranted.

Downloads Get Eminem Bent Out of Shape