Try Not To Think

Growing up in England and not being in London, it seems the only way out of your current state of
existence is football or music. Easyworld chose music. The two-boy, one-girl outfit from
Eastbourne (also home of Toploader for you trainspotters out there) was signed to Jive UK
after releasing a stellar yet raw mini-album for indie label supreme Fierce Panda. "Try Not To
Think" is the first fruit borne from this new endeavor with Jive and it's quite tasty. Incorporating
more silly Casio keyboard sounds at the beginning, the song careens into a rompy-stompy
glammed-up guitar pop gem, all shimmery guitars and sing-along choruses. A perfect song for these
days when the sun is out and the days are getting longer.

Jive UK

Try Not To Think