Five Years Later, Britpop Stalwarts Gene Land On Feet

A day after the news that a new Smiths song was unearthed, it is also discovered that
the UK's finest Smiths-influenced Britpop act, Gene, have found a US label
home again. For the first time since 1997's Drawn To The Deep End was released on
Polydor/A&M, the band will have a full-length of new material available in the States, this
time around on Marc Geiger's iMusic imprint. The album, Libertine, hit
shelves in the UK at the end of last fall, but will be in US stores in the late summer and will
include four tracks not on the original version. A full US tour is expected around the time of
release, the first tour for the London quartet since 1997. Martin Rossiter and gang
did play a series of three shows at the Troubadour in Los Angeles in 1999, the shows that
appeared on Rising For Sunset, the live album cut on Gene's own Contra
label, but haven't played elsewhere in America for years.

Five Years Later, Britpop Stalwarts Gene Land On Feet