Many Orbital CDs Revolving Around Record Stores

Seminal techno act, Orbital are readying an assault on record shelves worldwide.
They have written a new track for, and will actually appear in, the new Vin Diesel
vehicle XXX. The song "Technologisky Park" features in the summer film, which
also stars Samuel L. Jackson and rap star Eve. Also on tap for the
Hartnoll brothers is a greatest hits album. Work 1989-2002 is essentially a
singles compilation, but one new track, "Frenetic," will appear on the collection to appease
the hardcore fans. Lastly, the duo is the next act to release a CD in the Back To Mine
series, the line of artists' favorite song compilations, which has already featured personal
choices from Everything But The Girl, Faithless and Groove
Armada, to name a few. Orbital have chosen tracks from Plaid,
Stereolab and two from PJ Harvey for their collection. Good to know, in
case you ever go back to theirs...

Many Orbital CDs Revolving Around Record Stores