Massive Attack In Desperate Need of Resuscitation?

Are trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack on their last legs? The seminal act who, along
with Portishead, helped found the "Bristol sound" had been recording their fourth
studio album and first since Mezzanine, released in 1998 The yet-to-be titled album is due out
in the fall and features collaborations with Sinead O'Connor Craig
Armstrong and Mos Def, amongst others. However, on a posting on the
message board area of their website, someone claiming to be Massive man
Robert "3-D" Del Naja posted a long rant about the band's future. According to the
NME, the posting read in part that "Me and he (Massive
Attack fellow member Daddy G) are meeting on Friday to discuss the
future of the band. I'm often asked why I don't mention Gee in (my updates). Well I ain't seen or spoken to
the man in six months until 2 days ago. We have a lot to sort out. I think it can be positive
but some reality has to surface and much pride will need to be swallowed." That doesn't
exactly sound like a band that's been recording anytime lately, although with all the
technology they use, perhaps they are each doing their work from remote locations. Still, it
doesn't bode well for the legendary dance act and we can only hope that the duo can work
out their differences and get back to making us happy! Don't they know what's more
important here? We want a new Massive Attack album, dammit! It's been four

Massive Attack In Desperate Need of Resuscitation?